Coastal Districts Little Athletics
Bowker Street Reserve North Brighton
Friday Nights — Under Lights
6.00pm start for
Tiny Tots 3-4 years 
(age at 31 December)
6.30pm start for
Little Athletics 5-11 years
Junior Athletics 12-17 years
Recreational Athletics 18+ years 
(age at 31 December)
Training Wednesdays 6.30pm

Season 2019/20 Presentation / Collection Night is Cancelled


Due to the announcement of level 2 restrictions we are no longer able to conduct our collection night.

It is we strong regret that we have to cancel but the safety of our members and our community is of the utmost importance.

Please stay safe and watch out for announcements on Facebook about the season trophy winners, state team representatives, state championship medallists and new centre best performances for this season.

We hope you enjoyed your season and we look forward to seeing you all next season when all personal best certificates, Tiny Tot to U8 participation medals and U9 - U17 trophies can be collected.

Weekly Competitions

October to March

Start Any Friday Night

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Come and Try for 2 sessions before joining

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and only $5 after that

Register for Come and Try sessions on-line at

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Little Athletics conducts walking, running, jumping and throwing events modified for children aged 3 - 17.

Recreational Athletics is adult walking, running, jumping and throwing in a non-competitive environment.

Little & Recreational Athletics focus on having fun and getting families involved in healthy activities.

Emphasis is on participation and improvement.


Southern Districts Little Athletics SA
Southern Districts Little Athletics SA
Southern Districts Little Athletics SA